Há muito que é já demasiado tarde, mas mais vale agora do que nunca


There is a growing belief that the current punitive-based approach has failed. It has visited a savage level of violence on Latin America as narco cartels, moving cocaine and cannabis into the US, have butchered and bribed their way through the continent. The killing and corrupting of public officials – judges, police, politicians – threatened, and still threatens, to demolish the institutions of those states (Editorial do Observer, 19-05-2013)

Our flagship report – War on Drugs – sets out two main recommendations: (i) replace the criminalisation of drug use with a public health approach, and (ii) experiment with models of legal regulation designed to undermine the power of organised crime. By brokering a genuinely global conversation on drug policy reform, we broke a century-old taboo(Carta Aberta dos antigos líderes latino-americanos, na mesma edição do Observer)

Adenda: “I am entirely unconvinced that it is not largely intended as a war on the poor. I am not sure that we can distinguish anymore. It may have begun, a long time ago, as a war on dangerous drugs, but at some point it morphed to the point where it was really about social control. At this point, it’s about doing something with the 15% of my country that we don’t need anymore” (David Simon, entrevista ao Observer, 25-05-2013).

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